Reflection (2020)

2020’s plan

How did I do this year?

Before looking back at my list of goals, an important detail/update: 2020 was the year I switched jobs for the first time. I started the year working at Meraki, where I’d been since late 2017 and switched to working at Fueled (one of my dream workplaces) in September of this year. I documented my headspace around this whole job switch situation in blog posts in case you’re interested:

  1. Why Fueled?

Professional Goals

Disclaimer: We are all on different journeys and progress looks different for everyone. No Gregorian calendar can determine your self worth.

  1. Side effects in Programming

Personal Goals

Go on at least 12 dates ⚠️

Books of 2020

Health Goals

Continue 16–8 IF ✅
Experiment with longer fasts ❌

Fun Goals

Watch 26 films (one every other week) ❌

The shit-posting went on ^_^


There was a lot of other things that happened this year that lie outside the realm of the goals I’d set up for the year. I developed some new hobbies and interests. This piece might not be the best place to go into details for these but here’s a small rundown of some of them:

  1. The G.T.D System (Things 3 is how I organize life now)
  2. Systems for Organizing Digital Information
  3. Digital Note Taking (Evernote ❤️)
  4. Building Online Communities
  5. Writing (a newsletter might be on the cards, friends)
  6. Dungeons & Dragons (Yes!)
  7. Type Design (I want to make my own typeface one day!)

Closing Thoughts

2020 was a decent year for me. I felt like I’d crumble when it began but I think I did okay for the most part. Having a loving family and set of friends and mentors (you all know who you are!) gave me a lot of strength.

Always forward, forward always



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