Why Fueled?


Job vs. Career


A job is different from a career. A job to me is a contract where you do some work or offer services in order to get paid money in return. A job is a way for us to survive in this materialistic, capitalist world we live in — and that’s okay! A job helps you take care of yourself, provide for yourself. You do not have to love your job. Your job doesn’t have to be awesome, it doesn’t need to fulfill you. It just has to…pay.


A career on the other hand is something more long term. It is something you build over time. I think of it as a series of jobs (or roles within the same job) in a particular domain of work that interests you. This is why phrases like having a writing career or a career in software engineering exist.


After spending the last 3 years working in an early-stage, fast-paced startup environment where I was routinely wearing multiple hats at work, I felt that the time was right for me to step into something that allows me to dive deep into just one thing. This one thing is of course building apps for Android.

Processes, Support, Culture

Fueled has a super streamlined set of internal processes, a solid team of engineers (a lot of them senior to me — which is great!) spread across the globe, and a team culture of “making things” (which I learned about while interviewing). These three things combined will be super valuable for me as I try to grow in my career.



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